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BPO Services

We help consumer oriented businesses satisfy the increasing demands of their clientele through our combination of services, solutions and channels.

We stand out for our excellence and professionalism in customer service, technical support, customer acquisition, telemarketing, collections, back-office and other specialized services.

We do this by, delivering a different and effective experience that creates value for consumers,
when your customers contact you or vice versa, we are there to support and make sure they have an exclusive experience with your brand.

Sales and Marketing

Our Sales and Marketing services are designed to help you drive revenue growth, increase customer engagement, and boost brand awareness. From targeted campaigns and lead generation to customer outreach and retention, our expert team can help you achieve your business goals.

Inbound Order Taking

Let our reliable and efficient Inbound Order Taking services simplify your order-taking process and enhance customer experience. Our skilled team is available 24/7 to handle orders, process payments, and provide support, ensuring customer satisfaction and business success.

Technical Support and Helpdesk

Eajami also offer partnership for your technical support outsourcing needs. With support being a key selling point for users, Eajami understands how technical support will provides necessary and timely solutions to your users problems.

Customer Services

Flex to meet customer service demands and cut call center overhead.

As technology advances and improves communication in our everyday lives, it becomes clear that a bad customer experience due to the wrong contact center outsourcing provider can not only cost you a returning customer but also can deter individuals in their network including family and friends. Customer satisfaction carries more weight towards your company’s reputation and future success than ever before.

Leads Generation

Boost your customer base and revenue with our customized Leads Generation services. Our expert team uses advanced targeting and segmentation techniques to generate high-quality leads, ensuring that your business receives the most value from your marketing efforts.

Mortgage Processing

Simplify your operations and streamline your loan processing with our expert Mortgage Processing services. Our skilled team is dedicated to providing accurate, efficient, and timely mortgage processing, ensuring a seamless experience for both you and your customers.

Data Provider

Eajami is one of the leading data and lead providers serving clients all across the globe. As per our expertise, Eajami specializes in delivering high quality Business and Consumer leads via our outbound contact center and in response to SMS and email campaigns.

VoIP and Dialer Provider

If your needs include calling a vast number of clients and prospects every week, you will need a dialer system that can automate your calls to scale production. This technology eliminates the tedious, slow and error prone process of manual dialing, thereby boosting productivity and helping generate more leads and sales than would be otherwise possible.


Conducting business has changed, it is no longer possible to personally visit all your clients and customers, in fact with the popularity of the Internet, many clients may not even reside in the same city or even country. Establishing and creating a telemarketing service has enabled businesses to connect with all their customers via the phone.


There are those that are in need of different sales functions when it comes to outsourcing sales and marketing. Some clients may choose to have their entire sales funnel outsourced, while others are looking for a trusted partner for lead generation. Larger organizations have found success with outsourcing their lead generation, appointment setting and qualification, while keeping account management in-house.


Each customer interaction is an opportunity to increase loyalty. However, beyond the frontlines, a well-executed Customer Retention program focuses on the “moment of truth” when customer loyalty is at stake. Nevertheless, why do customers want to leave? Recent studies from Opinion Matters reveal the main reasons are due to controllable and preventable circumstances. In fact, an alarming 53% of customers indicate they leave because they do not feel appreciated.

Chat Support

Do not let your customer bounce off your pages, offer them live help on your website make sure you secure the sale or answer customer inquiries the first time around. Our experienced website chat operators will take care of your clients as if they were your own staff.

Back Office

Data Entry :
Data entry is quite a tedious yet one of the most important processes for any enterprise. By outsourcing data entry process to an efficient and reliable outsourcing partner with a good team of professionals and a robust infrastructure with proper security measures in place, organizations can use their work force for core business activities, which directly have an impact on their day-to-day operations and finance.